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Who We Are
The Studio Orchestra is a 65-80 piece professional symphony orchestra dedicated to the performance of music from film, theatre and T.V.


Founded by our Artistic Director & Principal Conductor Jack Campey, the orchestra's aim is to showcase the glorious music of the visual arts - mainly film, theatre, TV. It is only in the past 10 years or so that this music has risen from the depths of neglect and begun to be appreciated the world over. We still aim to grow appreciation and audiences for this multifaceted genre of music and share the joy this music brings to so many.

Importantly The Studio Orchestra provides a platform to showcase the talents of music creatives around the world who inject so much passion and dedication to their craft, whether this be composers, orchestrators or arrangers - they have all spent a lifetime developing their craft and talent.Their music has a life beyond the original film, theatre and TV release so we're here to put their art form front and centre. 


The orchestra is made up from some of the best freelance professional musicians in the UK. Each musician brings their own musicality, experience and style which helps give that special sound to the orchestra. We are keen to grow within the UK music industry as well act as an important bridge between popular and classical music. 

Artistic Director & Principal Conductor - Jack Campey
Since graduating from the University of Exeter where he had a scholarship in composition and trumpet, Jack has held numerous conducting positions throughout the West Midlands and continues to be sort after for film, theatre and classical concerts.
Aside from conducting, Jack has a deep knowledge and passion for orchestration particularly that of musical theatre and film. His knowledge on the Golden Age of these art forms is vast and his blog on orchestrators has been published by ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers). This led to him visiting Los Angles in 2018 where he researched original score manuscripts at the Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. and the archive of the Academy Awards. In Jack’s words, “I was looking at the original scores of Disney’s Snow White with rings of coffee cup stains from the music department all over the place - little did they know at the time that they were adding their mark in history, quite literally”

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